Preventing Embezzlement 101





You may not believe embezzlement can happen in your practice, but it’s something one in every six dental offices in the United States experience. So although you may not think it is happening in your practice, it could very easily happen to you. Welcome to Preventing Embezzlement 101.

Allen Schiff, Certified Fraud Examiner, joins the team at Edwards & Associates to discuss embezzlement and what dental offices need to know about preventing and handling it. 

Allen discusses the different ways embezzlement can show up, from staff cashing checks made out of the office and writing out checks to fake companies for services never rendered to selling supplies that never made it to the supply shelf through sites like eBay.

Unfortunately, there are many different ways employees can take advantage of a practice. However, the good news is that you can put some pretty simple practices in place to help prevent it and find ways to check and balance to make sure you don’t fall victim to embezzlement.

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