Friday, March 20, 2020 10:42PM

REGARDING UNEMPLOYMENT:  If you were paying yourself payroll, have closed your office and have not yet filed for unemployment personally, please hold off a bit longer.  There is legislation in the works that may provide coverage for your payroll costs but they may not apply if you are already drawing unemployment.  We are looking into this as quickly as we are able.  Details are very thin and unclear.  Similarly, if you are considering closing your office and have not yet advised your staff to file unemployment, please hold off a bit longer to see what relief may be available in the very near future.  Already if any of your staff are home with school age children, there is some relief available under the most recently passed bill HR 6201, providing a tax credit for sick leave paid to them which would allow you to pay them a bit longer before they need to seek unemployment benefits.  Again details on this are very obscure and their application to dentists is exceptionally murky for multiple reasons.  We are providing details as quickly as we can.