EIDL Use, Let’s Review

05/18/2020 9:49AM

EIDL USE RECAP:  You can use the loan for normal operating needs—accounts payable, payment on loans, operating expenses, etc.  You cannot use the funds to pay cash dividends or bonuses, or disbursements to owners (this doesn’t include normal paychecks to owners; those are ok).  You can’t use it to pay off other debt which basically is an unofficial refinance.  You can’t use it for capital improvements that were needed by the business prior to the disaster.  So if you needed to finish out another operatory, you can’t do that.  If the government requires you to buy an IsoLight for your practice in the COVID-19 aftermath, that would be permitted.  If you receive both an EIDL and a PPP loan—utilize the PPP loan during the required 8 week period on the permitted items, primarily payroll, then turn to the EIDL funds until patient fees return.