Dr. Sharon Tiger


Dr. Sharon Tiger is a nationally renowned dental consultant. Her main focus and expertise is patient loyalty and retention. Through the use of workshops and videotaping exercises, Sharon coaches professionals on how to present their material to clients in a non-technical, caring manner that produces astounding results. For over 15 years, she has consulted with dentists, physicians, financial planners, and certified public accountants. Also, she frequently speaks, lectures and conducts seminars for health care and professional organizations. Sharon coaches in person, via telephone and the Internet. Her training programs have been implemented nationally with unprecedented results in increased profitability (average 45%) and decreased stress. Listed below are some of the topics, which Dr. Tiger addresses in her seminars, workshops and business consultations:

  • Coaching Your Team
  • Building Patient Relationships
  • Team Motivation
  • Identifying Behavioral Styles
  • Team Building
  • Partnerships that Thrive
  • Implementing Incentive Programs
  • Case Presentation/Verbal Skills
  • Effective Telephone Techniques
  • Patient Loyalty
  • Scheduling to Goal
  • Maintaining an Effective Hygiene Program
  • Team Accountability

Dr. Tiger holds a Doctorate in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Arkansas, as well as degrees in Communications and Education from Montclair State College and Monmouth College.

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